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Urban Aboriginal

Peoples' Council

About Us

The Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council was established by bylaw at the December 13th, 2010 meeting of Council.

City Council may refer to the Aboriginal Council for its consideration and advice, and the Aboriginal Council may on its own initiative consider and advise City Council on any matter relating to issues of concern to Aboriginal people, including:

  • Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with individuals, groups, agencies, organizations, orders of government, etc., who are addressing issues of concern to urban Aboriginal people;
  • Assisting the efforts of other agencies, organizations, etc., who are addressing issues of concern to Urban Aboriginal people;
  • Undertaking research, study or investigation in areas of concern in order to develop advice and make recommendations;
  • Soliciting input and receiving advice, recommendations, reports or concerns from individuals or groups addressing issues of concern to Urban Aboriginal people, and recommending appropriate action; and
  • Liaising with City of Brandon staff through the Office of the City Manager in support and development of policies, programs and other initiatives that will seek to address issues of concern to Aboriginal people.


Membership and Term of Office

The Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council is comprised of two (2) members of Council, four (4) citizen-at-large members, with preference given to self-identified Indigenous persons whereby one may be 55 years of age or older and one may be 25 years of age or younger and one representative from each of the following organizations: the Brandon Friendship Centre, Manitoba Metis Federation, Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Prairie Mountain Health, Brandon University, Assiniboine Community College, Brandon School Division Board, the Brandon School Division Administration, and Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. The Council meets monthly.


Leah LaPlante: vice president of the Manitoba Metis Federation Southwest Region – council chair

Kris Desjarlais: City of Brandon councillor and director of Indigenous education at Assiniboine Community College – council vice-chair

Jeanine Pelletier: citizen representative – vice-chair

Jeff Fawcett: City of Brandon councillor

Chief Jennifer Bone: Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

Gail Cullen: executive director of the Brandon Friendship Centre

Maeengan Linklater: director of operations for the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council

David Docherty: president of Brandon University

Mathew Gustafson: acting superintendent for the Brandon School Division 

Delvina Kejick: Brandon School Division board member

Lara Bossert: executive director of communications and corporate operations at Prairie Mountain Health

Darlene Paquette: citizen representative

Stanley Knight: citizen representative

Debbie Huntinghawk: citizen representative


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